Strategic Goals:


Metropolitan BPW will be a catalyst for empowering its members to fulfill their professional and personal potential.

  • Commit to host meetings that empower members to advance careers.
  • Encourage members to attend LO-sponsored events as well as regional and state meetings and conferences.
  • Commit to hold Individual Development programs in our district.
  • Meet member needs; plan programs designed to attract and retain today’s workforce and ask for meeting evaluations and suggestions for future topics.


Metropolitan BPW will foster communications among its members and leaders to educate and strengthen their partnership and commitment to achieving the organization’s mission and vision.

  • Use the logo on all communications; branding and recognition are keys to visibility.
  • Maintain and refresh Web site. Use the Web site to help with communication to/from the membership.
  • Make meetings count; continue to provide professionally conducted meetings and conferences that offer the best training and skill building workshops that empower our members to advance their careers and prepare them for leadership roles.
  • Fully use the district training meetings, board meetings and transition meeting to develop officers and chairs; focus enthusiastically on fun and successes.


Metropolitan will have a broad membership base that includes the socioeconomic, occupational, age and cultural diversity of the workplace.

  • Develop a long-term membership plan, both retention and recruitment; identify target audience, define a consistent message, review competition and assess position in the marketplace.
  • Have BPW members, leaders and future leaders view themselves as our LO’s “sales team,” with identified roles in closing new membership sales, orienting and mentoring new members, and renewing memberships; commit to diversifying local membership.
  • Retain at least 90 percent of LO members.
  • Conduct periodic needs assessment.

Strategic Alliances

Metropolitan BPW will engage in strategic alliances that further its mission to achieve equity for women in the workplace.

  • Continue to cultivate our alliances and build further community alliances (National BusinessWomen’s Week, etc.).
  • Form strategic alliances with other N.C. organizations in support of common issues and to highlight BPW/USA Foundation’s position on workplace issues and economic equity issues.