NBWW Success

What a great day for Metropolitian!  One week ago (Wednesday, October 16th) MBPW celebrated – a bit early – National Business Women’s Week.  We had two unique women share with us what is happening in their world…as businesswomen, moms, and advocates for their beliefs.

Thanks to Krissie Newman and Karen Ray for sharing their stories and thoughts with us.  We had roughly 75 attendees and some wonderful sponsorship.  We could not have pulled it off without the committment from Amanda Saari, NBWW Chairwoman.  She put together all the details to make this happen.

Thanks to all that join us.  While the historical premise of this event was to recognize womens impact on the workforce, we think that goal has been met.  The statisitcs show that.  And we know that very few will deny data!  What the premise needs to be now and for future efforts, is related to an equal playing field in the workplace.

Women have come a long way, but there is still work to be done.