During the April 2014 meeting, our president shared with membership and guests all the things that our group has accomplished. 

There was much to be proud of, we thought it was a great idea to publish these notes and share it with EVERYONE!! Four MAJOR accomplishments for the year:

  1. Full review and update of by-laws
  2. Creation of new website
  3. Outreach efforts via social media & personal member referrals impacted guest attendance
  4. Update of financial system using on-line platform
Other significant notes:
  • Membership directory created
  • Average attendance for meeting =  25
  • Number of guests for the year =  92
  • Number of new members = 7
  • Increased traffic on Facebook ; 3 postings each week day; highest reach for one article/posting was 275 people; close to one million impressions
  • Increased contacts via Twitter by over 100% – acquired 73 new followers
  • Opening rate for newsletter average 25%
  • Used a mobile friendly template for newsletter
  • Average evaluations indicated high satisfaction with monthly events – average 4.8
  • All speakers committed & showed

Audra Esposito, 2013-2014