Our biggest focus for this year was on growth and diversity of membership. I’m happy to report we brought in 17 new members! Several were from referrals of current members, but many were from our National Business Women’s Week event, and finding us online. We increased our online presence by having a lot of activity on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This drove the success of the after-hours event with the Charlotte Hornets for their first Women In Business Night. It was our first partnership with them, and hope there will be more in the future. Our National Business Women’s Week event was a huge accomplishment.  We changed to a breakfast time, and it was a big success. The panel spoke on diversity and inclusion and was phenomenal. It was attended by over 110 women, several of which joined our group after being exposed to us through this event. The updated systems/technology took effect for this year by using Quickbooks for our reporting, having a card reader available for payments, obtaining a debit card, and moving more online for payments in general. We switched to MailChimp for a new look on our communications, and our communications committee continued to streamline our email blasts, member spotlights, newsletters and social media activity. I’m proud of the year MBPW had and honored to have served as president for the 2014-15 year!

April Oliver, President 2014-15